2030 The future of Japanese Architects published in TA

The article was invited and written for the special issue of Taiwan Architects magazine 2016 Nov. We interviewed Japanese architectural practices in different scales for the strategies responding to globalisation and localisation. We would like to explore the proposition of Japanese architects for 2030 and how they adapt to achieve the vision of design practices. Special thanks to architects : Kengo Kuma, Norihiko Dan, Shingei Katsu.


2030年日本建築師的未來刊登於台灣建築師雜誌11月號特輯。 我們調查採訪不同規模的日本建築事務所,針對全球化潮流變遷所帶來的挑戰,他們的特別全球化觀點、態度及反思,而改變他們的事務所經營策略。特別感謝日本建築師: 隈研吾、團紀彥、葛沁芸。


建築師雜誌11月號 – 2030年日本建築師的未來