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Client: UNESCO

Location: Bamiyan, Afganistan

Area: 2020 sqm

Year: 2015 

Type: Competition 

Status: Concept 

Bamiyan Cultural Centre


The Bamiyan culture centre is positioned atop of Chawni Hill, overlooking the expansive views of the Buddha Cliffs and Buddha niches. By considering its cultural, social and historical context into the new centre in the valley, we propose to interpret the architecture languages of Buddha niches and Islamic monumental space. Semi dome, semicircular arch and carved space are reformed into the roof and facade of building as a contemporary cultural landmark.

The research and education space are arranged between outer and inner concrete semicircular-arch thick walls over two levels. The two double-height space containing exhibition space and performance hall are intentionally found at the far ends of the building. The inner semicircular-arch structures form the internal courtyard garden and porch for musicians. Inverse semi-dome roof with niches allows Bamiyan daylight directly streaming in space during the day and precisely diffuse the sunlight creating a visually unique interior. Outer semicircular-arch façade with translucent glass also directs the natural light into interior space whilst providing spectacular views of the Bamiyan Valley scenery and Budda Cliffs. Visitors and local communities can experience through the central axis on three levels: entry plaza on roof level, central courtyard on upper level and landscape terrace on lower level.

The open exhibition space can be freely partitioned for permanent and temporary collections which enables a range of curatorial approaches. Indirect natural light via woodframed ceiling which transmits from inverse semi-dome and direct light from side semicircular arch provides interior exhibition space with varying curation possibilities for historical artefacts and artworks. Visitors can access to the outdoor exhibition area under entry plaza where a canopy allows a coffee break. The internal ramp and distinct spiral staircase allow visitors to directly loop between upper lobby and lower exhibition space.

Performance hall is 12m tall space with roof light and side light from semicircular translucent glass which enables audience to have an unique performance experience with spectacular views of Budda cliff. The hall including upper and lower seating areas can accommodate 200 audiences for any performance, music concerts, cinema and public events. It can be converted into
a black box by switching off the shading louvers.

巴米揚文化中心座落於巴米揚大佛世界文化遺產旁,俯瞰巴米揚大佛佛崖和佛龕的廣闊景觀。設計意在利用大佛峭壁洞拱型元素、伊斯蘭佛龕凹洞的神性紀念空間,利用半圓頂,半圓拱和雕刻的元素空間, 重新圍塑歷史空間及屋頂形式,引入當地自然光線,成為當地文化地標。



表演廳擁有12米高的空間,配有半圓形半透明玻璃的屋頂燈和側燈,讓觀眾能夠體驗大佛懸崖峭壁的壯麗景觀。表演廳上下層觀眾席座位可容納200名觀眾, 進行任何表演,音樂會,電影和公共活動。表演廳內部空間透過遮陽百葉的開關可完全轉換成密閉的黑盒子。