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Client: Taipei Fine Art Museum 

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Area: 50 sqm

Year: 2014 

Type: Competition

Status: Concept 

Collaborators: Yuwen Chiu 

X Site


Our proposal, light funnel, is a funnel-like structure where visitors meet each other, discuss about art and interact with exhibition objects. The space embraces new typology of art discussion platform and curation to propose future interactive gallery.

光之漏欲將展覽空間與參觀者互動平台結合。光之空間, 漏斗形狀的輕型結構,可隨著燈光及互動裝置而改變曲面造型,日間可成傘狀屋頂,夜間可收縮為LED燈柱,配合任何活動使用