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Client: Kyungdong Construction

Location: Busan, South Korea

Area: 134,663 sqm

Year: 2015 

Type: Competition

Status: Concept 

Busan Mulmangol Bunker Regeneration


Sunken Parkland, the proposal takes the form of the existing bunkers and transform it into sunken parkland along with connected bunkers to recreate the unique underground space. It consists of three vertical levels, the existing bunkers, expansion bunkers and sunken parklands.

The open-air atrium with green wall well connects these three levels and brings the spectacular views and spatial experience to the public from each level. It also serves as central interactive space for large-scale art installtion or sculptures and allow visitors viewing and accessing from different angles.

The newly-created two main bunkers is 30 metre high with two storeys and connects to two smaller bunkers, theatre and event space.The theatre and event bunkers are wrapped with large glazed glass and attractive to visitors who walk towards to the main entrance on the ground level.The water features on the roof brings the sound, the reflection and playful droplets of water to make underground space more enchanting.